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Two New Products! BLM Sticker Relaunch and New B+ Foundation Partnership

In our earlier July-to-January recap post, we promised that 2022 was going to be a big year for us. We're excited to announce two big updates in achieving our goals. First up, the relaunch of our past Black Lives Matter sticker. Along with that, we've partnered with the B+ Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer.

Black Lives Matter Sticker Relaunch

The BLM sticker uses an earlier design made with our new embroidery technique. Like our other stickers, it is a piece made from upcycled water bottle thread and textile scraps.

Each purchase of this sticker supports First Founders Inc., an accelerator for minority entrepreneurs. Founder Gary Johnson III is a close partner of UP Cycle Design.

For more information, check out this product in our Shop.


B+ Foundation Partnership

Announcing our B+ Foundation partnership and sticker! This design is the result of a collaboration between UP Cycle Design and UDance, the University of Delaware's B+ Foundation fundraising event.

The B+ Foundation provides funds to cancer research and supports the families of children with cancer. With each sale of this sticker, we donate $5 to the cause. Check it out here. Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership!


Last but not least, an update on the manatees! Not only is our Save the Manatee campaign is going well, but the sea cows are starting to take to lettuce being skillfully fed to them through a new feeding program! This is great news as the #1 cause of manatee mortality right now is starvation.

So far, 2022 has been a prosperous year for UP Cycle. Be sure to revisit our site often for new updates! We'll be sure to share them.


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