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Sustainability Sunday: That's a Lot of Trash

The United States is a leader in many things. Unfortunately, one of those things is the amount of trash produced annually. Each year, each person living in the US generates 1,609 pounds of garbage. The US population is a little less than 330 million people, accounting for 5% of the world's population. However, that large number of trash generated per person accounts for 40% of the world's waste.

Fortunately, we don't have to be a leader in this. There are ways we can reduce the amount of waste. Buy reusable versions of common trash items like water bottles, napkins, towels, bags, containers, etc. Upcycle old possessions into newer, more valuable products. At the very least, recycle what you can.

It might not seem like a lot as an individual, but as a whole, we can create a huge impact, and lead the way to a greener future. We can do this!

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