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Sustainability Sunday: How Long Does It Take For A Plastic Bag To Break Down?

As you might already know, plastic takes an extremely long time to break down naturally in landfills. Not only does it take a few lifetimes to disappear, it doesn't biodegrade or break down cleanly into natural chemicals. Plastic photodegrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces as light from the sun hits it. This leads to the creation of microplastics, which are potentially even worse than regular plastics.

The best way to use plastic bags is not at all. If possible, just use one of the many alternatives, such as paper bags or canvas bag. Canvas bags are an interesting subject that we'll go over in the future. You could always upcycle some old fabric into a large bag too. That being said, be on the lookout for our upcycled reusable tote bags, coming soon!

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