• Todd Petrella

Start of the Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

First things first, UP Cycle Design wants to wish everyone a Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We hope the turkey, ham, or impossible turkey/ ham was delightful, the mashed taters were fluffy, the veggies fresh, and the dessert impeccable! And hopefully some relaxing time with our friends and family was well spent. Today, we want to take you through some thoughts about sustainability during Black Friday, and discuss how you can support small businesses through Small Business Saturday.

Before the post starts, us here at UP Cycle want to share what we are thankful for:

Jonna: “I’m thankful for family, friends and good health!

Sierra: “I’m so incredibly grateful for my supportive parents, friends, and this amazing UP Cycle Design team and community that are helping to build the dream company that I’ve always wanted to bring into the world!”

Ȍyku: “I’m thankful for my family in Turkey and my best friend’s family in the US who accepts me like their own daughter! I’m also thankful for my friends who are my support system and thankful to be a part of the UP Cycle team and making an impact!