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New Product: Save The Polar Bears!

Save the Polar Bear cloth sticker, designed to look like a polar bear melting, representing melting ice caps.

We are super happy to announce our newest product: the Save the Polar Bears cloth sticker! This design was created by our former team member, Michelle Yatvitskiy, and, like our Save the Manatee sticker, helps support the endangered animal.

Climate change is perhaps the biggest, all-encompassing environmental issue the world is facing right now. While we should be worried about this and actively working to prevent or slow it down as much as we can, polar bears are fighting for their lives. Polar bears live on ice caps in the Arctic, which are slowly but surely melting due to rising temperatures. They play an important role as predators in the Arctic region, keeping prey populations in check. If the ice caps melt away, polar bears will lose their habitat and go extinct. Not only that, but several other species, such as penguins, seals, and walruses also depend on ice caps for shelter and rest. And these species aren't the only things affected by melting ice caps. If they melt completely, sea levels will rise, and coastal areas around the world will be wiped out.

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Each purchase of this sticker donates $5 to Polar Bears International, one of the leading voices on global rising temperatures and climate change. They are actively seeking solutions to the crisis and are looking to educate and advocate for climate issues.

Side-view of polar bear facing camera, looking like it's smiling.
This happy polar bear thanks you for helping save its home!

With all that said, this sticker does a lot. Its main focus is to support and conserve polar bear populations, but with that comes supporting and conserving all the other species that call the Arctic home. Preventing the rising sea levels is definitely a plus, too, especially for all those who enjoy beach vacations.

By purchasing this sticker, you'll be supporting a woman-owned small business, a global initiative, and some of our planet's beautiful wildlife species. As always, thank you for your consideration and for reading our content!


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