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Level UP and Ronald McDonald House Have Partnered

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The 3rd Level UP cohort has been going strong! This cohort of teens has partnered with Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, an organization dedicated to creating and supporting programs for improving the health and well-being of children. If you need a refresher of what Level UP is, check out our Level Up to the Moon and Back article for a detailed explanation of the 2nd cohort and their partnership. To quickly summarize, Level UP is a curriculum created by UP Cycle Design that teaches teenagers about sustainability, upcycling, and entrepreneurship, and also partners with different nonprofits to support them in their missions. The program participants are from The Warehouse in Wilmington, DE.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Delaware Community Foundation, the 3rd cohort of Level UP was greenlit and kicked off at the start of fall! This time around, the students partnered with child-wellbeing nonprofit Ronald McDonald House of DE with the motto “We Belong Together”. Their mission is to provide “homes-away-from-home” and medical care for families with seriously ill children. This comfort helps in overcoming the challenges that come with sickness. Learn more about Ronald McDonald House and how you can support them by checking out their website.

You can also support RMH, as well as UP Cycle Design and Level UP, by purchasing our new associated sticker design! Between now and October 6th, each sale of the sticker donates 15% (that’s $2.25!) to Ronald McDonald House of DE. The teens goal is to raise $100 by October 6th! Below, you can see the design that the students of cohort 3 have worked together on creating.

The design made by Level UP Cohort 3

The design in sticker form

And here is a flyer the students created for their campaign:

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