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Letter from the CEO 12.2.22

By Sierra RyanWallick


Hello everyone!

Welcome to our sixth “Letter from the CEO”, a letter directly from Sierra (that’s me!). Every other week, this letter will include behind-the-scenes of UP Cycle Design and share exciting updates so you’re the first to know. Today's letter features a new product launch (ornaments are finally here!), customization to our most popular design, two upcoming events, and a website redesign!

Website Redesign

We have been hard at work on a website redesign, and it's finally launched! New website colors, shape dividers, and a super cool scrolling feature called parallax has given our website a facelift! Click the photo below to be taken to our homepage, where you can tour around at your leisure! Please let us know what you think, and we're always open to hearing suggestions of what more can be improved as well!

UPcoming Events

We will be sharing a booth with our Founder's nonprofit AutumnLeaf Fundraisers at the 30th Annual Country Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, December 3rd from 9-3! This event is at Avon Grove Intermediate School (395 S. Jennersville Road. West Grove, PA. 19390), and is a huge event with over 100 vendors and is a great place to do holiday shopping!

If you're in the Newark, DE area, on Monday, December 5th from 6-7, we will have an UP Cycle Design booth at the University of Delaware Sustainable Small Business Fair! This will be held in the Perkins Student Center in the Ewing Room. We are so excited to be doing these events and can't wait to see you there!

New + Customizable Products + Ornaments

We have a brand new sticker/iron-on patch design of an ice skate! This design is the perfect gift for the holidays because it supports Toys for Tots and purchasing toys for less fortunate children! This design is also customizable with the thread coming in any of the following colors: red, green, purple, pink, blue, orange, yellow, grey, brown, and black. Check it out by clicking here or on the photo below:

Our most popular design, our adorable manatee, now comes with customization! You can choose the thread color of the heart the manatee is holding from any of the following 10 colors: blue, purple, green, red, pink, yellow, orange, white, black, and brown (colors shown on the manatee product page). Expand your adopted manatee family and adopt one manatee of each color! Perfect for pride, collect one of each color from the rainbow!

In addition, all of our sticker/iron-on patch designs now come in a dual ornaments/sticker design! You can now purchase an ornament that has a loop from our upcycled thread that can be hung on a Christmas tree, in the window, wherever you want! And when you're done with it as an ornament, you can use it as a sticker since it has a sticker backing! The best Christmas gift!


Our Blue Hen Leadership Program Tier 2 student team has officially been chosen, and we cannot wait to work with a great group of 5 students! We will be working with them on our marketing and sales strategy through the end of the spring semester! Stay tuned to see what they come up with for new ideas! If you haven’t already, please follow us on IG here.

We're Hiring!

We are currently looking to add two new team members to our UP Cycle Design family: 1. Internal Impact Coordinator & 2. Sales Intern! Below, we have flyers for the positions with position description QR codes that you can share. Preference given to UD students or those in the Newark, DE area. If you or anyone you know would be interested in either of the two following roles, please email us at If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Thank you for your help in sharing this opportunity!

Featured Product: UPcycled Dog Toys by Vendor Kaitlin!


Thank you so much for being on this exciting journey with us, and we can’t wait to share what’s next!

Let’s UP Cycle and Design A Better Future Together,

Sierra RyanWallick

UP Cycle Design Founder & CEO

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram

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