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Kitty Kick Sticks

Over the past few months our team has been brainstorming, collaborating, and working to release not one, but TWO products that we are so excited about! They will have your furry friends feeling so loved and spoiled that you will probably have to purchase several from our shop to make sure they are satisfied.....kidding! (but seriously check out our shop!)

The idea behind all of our products is sustainability! UP Cycle Design is always looking for ways to expand and educate the community on how they can do the same. So what better idea than to bring pets in to the mix! They (our pets) care about the planet too, you know. With these products our brand is growing, and we're so excited to have you with us on the journey; helping the vision of sustainable living in different aspects of daily life come true!

Ok, so what are these new products!?!

What are their purpose?

The purpose of the kitty kick sticks is to start introducing sustainable products into all aspects of life. Kitty Kick sticks allow your pet to enjoy a fun toy that is not made from virgin material. These products are fun, fresh, and environmentally friendly! And each kick stick donates to a local cat rescue (still figuring out how much we can donate per kick stick, so stay tuned!)!

How are they made/What materials are used?

Our UP Cycle Design Seamstress, Clara Cvik, makes each kitty kick stick using thrifted fabric, upcycled thread, and upcycled stuffing that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. She also uses catnip to fill the pouches (from a small Etsy business). Clara cuts out the fabric and sews them in to little tubes to be stuffed with the catnip! The process is simple - she flips the fabric inside out, sews one end closed, and the other is left open for filling. She then sews the other end shut and voila, there you have it, a 8-inch long KITTY KICK STICK!

Where did this idea come from?

This idea came from Sierra's nonprofit AutumnLeaf Fundraisers that has created these kitty kick sticks for years, and they can never keep them in stock! While her nonprofit still makes these kick sticks, the difference is that UP Cycle Design kick sticks are made from upcycled materials and benefits the environment as well as nonprofits!

How are kitty kick sticks supporting sustainable living?

UP Cycle Design stands behind the "zero waste" lifestyle. Our team strives to ensure that each and every product we share with you is supporting sustainable living. Our kitty kick sticks help us prove our point. These products are supporting sustainable living because all of the materials used to manufacture them is from a second hand source. The fabric from FabScrap in Philadelphia, Pa, the thread is made from 100% plastic bottles, the stuffing is called refashred and has been developed by textile re/designers Michelle Yatvitskiy and Kelly Cobb of The UD Sustainable Textile RAD lab, and the catnip supports a small Etsy business. By introducing sustainable pet toys as a product, UP Cycle Design has given customers the option to choose between environmentally friendly products and "not so" environmentally friendly products. These kitty kick sticks are helping us get started by allowing individuals to show their pets love without harming the environment.


Each kitty kick stick is packaged and shipped to you in HeroPackaging. HeroPackaging is a company based out of Australia, however each product is American made! The products are made from home compostable materials including corn starch and PBAT (both compostable material that bonds new ingredients together). And each mailer can be mailed one more time before its composted (it has an additional re-sealer for your own use!).

The company is passionate about making a difference in the changing world but keeping consumer products eco-friendly. Keep in mind these products are made to be COMPOSTED, not recycled. This meaning the products will be broken down naturally and can actually help soil stay fresh. and then the process repeats itself!

HeroPackaging is a great example of how small changes can make a big difference! Click here to learn more about this awesome brand.

Our whole team is so excited to be expanding our product lines to include items for pets, and that's not the last expansion that you'll see! Stay tuned for even more exciting announcements of new products coming soon!


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