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Intern Spotlight: Rich Hardy-Holmes

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In one of our last posts of the year, we are going to highlight Riciah, one of the newest interns in the UP Cycle family! She has only been with us for a few months, but already she is helping out with our designs and finalizing many of them. She has made a very positive impact on our team! Find out more about her below:

Riciah Hardy

Tell me about yourself (interests, hobbies, lifestyle, major, etc.).

  • I code

  • I listen to music

  • I play sudoku

  • I go to school

  • I do yoga

  • I'm boring (very not true)

How did you find out about UP Cycle and why did you want to intern here?

I found out about UP Cycle when I was in the Level Up program led by Sierra and Michelle. The program itself was nice, I learned a lot about prototyping and marketing. I wanted to become an intern because I wanted to be a part of the UP Cycle’s vision and mission. I also really like to sketch, so I felt like I would be a great asset to the company.

Tell me about your time in Level UP. How was that experience?

My favorite part of the program was when we selected our nonprofit and came up with the Unity To The Moon And Back design. I really enjoyed seeing the whole process behind creating the cloth sicker. It was really exciting to see everything being brought to life.

Unity to the Moon and Back

In what ways do you most hope to create value as an UP Cycle Design intern?

I hope to create value by collaborating with the team to come up with different ways to improve and build the startup. I believe that UP Cycle can be 1000 times bigger than what it is now. As an intern it is my obligation to help make that happen.

What are your personal goals for the company?

Hopefully the business continues to expand, and we welcome more people to the family. I personally want to improve my designs, and maybe learn some new skills.

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