• Todd Petrella

How To Upcycle and Be More Sustainable in the New Year

Happy 2022! The start of the new year is always a good time to start fresh and anew. Unfortunately, the bad health of the environment is something that isn’t left behind with a new revolution around the sun, but we can take this time to change our habits and behavior and begin bringing the planet back to its former glory. Here is a total of 10 ways you can upcycle and live more sustainably in 2022.

5 Ways You Can Upcycle in the New Year:


Starting off our list is the Japanese art of kintsugi, a practice that focuses on mending and repairing broken items instead of discarding them. Literally gold-splicing, kintsugi fixes items using a gold adhesive, drawing attention to the item’s imperfections and showing it as a piece of resilience, rather than something to be forgotten and thrown away. You don’t have to use gold adhesive if you don’t want to or can’t find it. Kintsugi is more of an idea rather than a thing, and therefore glue will work as a simple alternative.