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Intern Spotlight: Hayley Penn

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Meet Hayley! She is one of our newest additions to the team and will be focusing on building, branding, and expanding "The UP Cycled Thread" (aka the blog of UP Cycle Design). Hayley is about to enter her senior year at the University of Delaware and has interests in sustainability and community outreach. Her intention behind joining UP Cycle Design was simply to expand her knowledge on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Since joining the team Hayley has been learning how to do so through her research for the blog, sustainability Sunday posts (which can be found on our Instagram), as well as from other members of the UP Cycle Design team.

After meeting with our newsletter captain and blog intern, Max Sewell, we got to know Hayley a little more!

Role in UP Cycle Design

Hayley is excited to be part of such an open, welcoming, and passionate community. She finds that when she is working on anything UP Cycle Design related she has a great support system behind her and is able to complete posts with intention behind them. She was excited to see what she could bring to the table and how she would find her groove when it came to writing. Hayley can see so much potential for the growth of UP Cycle Design and can't wait to help expand the blog. During her time with UP Cycle Design she is passionate about helping everyone stay on the same page. She finds value in organization and believes it is a necessary strength to have for growth.

High school and College

Growing up Hayley never really wanted to be the center of attention. She explained herself as more of an introvert up until her junior year of highschool. Although still reserved, she started to feel more comfortable branching out and doing her own thing. She was a cheerleader throughout high school and found comfort in being part of a team. Never really overly thrilled to graduate or not to graduate; excited for the future, but also happy with the life she had built for herself at home. As college approached Hayley was nervous but ready for change. She explained how the pattern of being shy until her third year repeated itself. "Once I started to feel comfortable with my friends at school I was able to sort of let go of that longing to be home a little bit. This was a huge step for me. I started to feel comfortable at school and ready to branch out more."


During their interview Hayley and Max discussed the importance of being creative. Whether or not an idea is deemed as "good" there is definitely value in sharing any and every idea you may have. We want to ask each of our team members for a piece of advice; something to leave our UP Cycle Design family with. Hayley pushes creativity (as does Max). "It's a good thing to think outside of the box."


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