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Farewell Letter from the CEO July 2023 (Big Announcement: Going On Hold + SALE!)

By Sierra RyanWallick


Hello everyone!

I have a very bittersweet announcement today. After thinking about this decision for the last week, I have decided to put UP Cycle Design on hold for the next six months. My health challenges have progressively gotten worse over the last few months to a point where I have little energy and need to put what energy I do have into healing and trying to get some relief from my symptoms.

If you would like to hear the announcement in a video format and a thank you form the team, here it is:

For the next two weeks, we will be selling out of our inventory on our website and some items will be on sale! Our vendor items will continue to be live on our website for the next six months, but our UP Cycle Design items will be unable after July 31st.

If you would like to check out our sale:

Our whole team is incredibly grateful for all of your support and the impact that we have been able to make since we began:

  1. Divert 300 plastic bottles, 464 pounds of fabric, and over 6,000 plastic bags from going into landfills and our environment

  2. Raise over $1,400 for nonprofits

  3. Develop almost 6,000 hours of professional skills for our team of 20 people since we began

  4. Launch 3 vendors and almost 50 products

  5. And create a community of almost 4,000 people.

We are so grateful for you!

Please keep upcycling and together, we will design a better future.

Thank you for everything,

Sierra RyanWallick + the UP Cycle Design team

Sierra RyanWallick

UP Cycle Design Founder & CEO

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Instagram

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