Level UP

Help our students reach their fundraising goal!

Level UP Cohort 3's goal is to raise $100 for Ronald McDonald House of DE,

and they need your help to reach their goal!    

Over the past 8 weeks, 20 students from The Warehouse have:

  • chosen a nonprofit to support:  Ronald McDonald House of DE

  • created a design for an upcycled cloth sticker based on Ronald McDonald House of DE mission

  • designed a marketing strategy to share their story and design

  • launched a one month long campaign to reach their goal (ending October 6th) 

Level UP is UP Cycle Design's social entrepreneurship curriculum.  Over the course of 12 weeks, students learn about entrepreneurship, design, and sustainability, while designing a product to raise money for a charity of their choice. Our 1st cohort was in fall 2020 with 10 students, 2nd cohort in spring 2021 with 40 students, and our 3rd cohort just launched with 20 students at The Warehouse!

Our Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum